Born in 1881, the world famous Spanish painter Pablo one of the greatest and most influential artists of 20th century and co-founder of Cubist movement. He was introduced to art by his father at a young age and by the time he was 13 years old, he proved his genetically inherited skills as an artist. On one occasion, the father found his son painting over his unfinished sketch of a pigeon. Observing the precision of his son's technique, an apocryphal story relates, Ruiz felt that the thirteen-year-old Picasso had surpassed him, and vowed to give up painting. 

A Spanish expatriate painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer, although Picasso left his mark in history as a painter, he had a love for poetry, writing over 300 poems between 1935-1959. His lifestyle remained as bohemian and vivacious as it was in his youth. After a long prolific career, Picasso died in style while entertaining his guests at a dinner party, on April 8, 1973, in Mouglins, in southeastern France. Picasso's last words were "Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can't drink any more".