Discover canvas reproductions of Alfred Gockel’s distinctive paintings at our web gallery and decorate your walls in style.

Alfred “Alex” Gockel’s brilliant use of rich, primary colors, deep black accents and the graceful yet intensely kinetic motion of his figures characterize his compositions. He was born in Germany in 1952. From his earliest days on, he was fascinated by the magic of colors on paper. This talent and enthusiasm resulted in the release of this first art work by a German publisher at the age of 8. Studying at the Polytechnic Academy in Munster, his main emphasis was typography, graphic design and advertising. Owing to his highly identifiable, signature style and his work ranging from etching to serigraphy, he inspired designs for carpets, porcelain and sportswear industries.

In his live performances, Gockel paints an oversized canvas, so visitors have the privilege to see the master acting in the gallery, sometimes with two hands painting at the same time. These events are like short master-classes and it’s amazing to see how he inspires the audience.